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December 21st, 2006

12:22 am - "Watch out! Look around!"
Ah, the good old Coca-Cola Christmas trucks... Anybody in Central and North-Western Europe (sic, we'll be getting to that) who owns or knows somebody who owns a television set could sing along to the chant of "Holidays are coming, holidays are coming..." ringing in the season.

But try to find something out about the origins of this tune, and you'll unfailingly come across webpage upon webpage about late pop starlet Melanie Thornton and "her" song which was "picked" as jingle for the Coca-Cola holiday spots. It's one of those myths and half-truths that spread so easily on the WWW, and are so hard to exterminate once they got around.

Well, since most sites content themselves with that explanation, it's hard to find out a whole lot more. But not impossible, as you will see... That's right kids! Welcome to a special Uncle Jimmy Hill edition of my livejournal!

Why for should we care?!Collapse )

Happy Holidays!

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September 19th, 2005

05:34 pm
Well! Looks like we've found ourselves an apartment.

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March 9th, 2005

07:43 pm
I've been toying with the thought for a while, and now I've pretty much decided that FFL is going to go the way of Le Visionarium. As for Arem, I'll bring it into a presentable shape, lighten it of most of its fandom ballast and keep it online as a PM research and information source.

At least, that's the plan right now. Any objections?

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February 23rd, 2005

11:41 pm
The preceding week had been so active and filled with human interaction that yesterday I felt a kind of lull, of the sort I hadn't felt for a long, long time. I actually missed being around somebody. That's unusual for me... misanthrop that I usually am.

Though I probably didn't spell that right.


Moving on, tomorrow I'll have my first job evaluation. Normally, it'd be one year after my hire date; it's being pulled ahead because I need a copy of it for... something. I also had to take an English test last week for the same something (I got a score of 9 out of 10... "fluent" but not "mastered" -- oh well.). And I had to update my CV and write a cover letter.

But I'll write more about that in due time.

Tomorrow, my evaluation.


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January 27th, 2005

03:08 pm
What I have done on my days off so far:

- slept till noon
- cleaned up some of my apartment
- drew the first page of a comic
- did grocery shopping
- bought album one of an amazing comic book adaption of the Wizard of Oz
- watched cartoons
- mixed an mp3 out of a Tex Avery character's whistled theme
- ordered the "Bone" One-Volume Edition
- recorded musical frog percussion for the first track of my Tiki loop

Considering that most of my days off are spent aimlessly surfing through the net, that's a lot to show for the last three days.

Now I still have to send an e-mail to Disney Publishing Worldwide, and maybe draw some more comic pages.

I also should do some laundry, but man is that ever so bothersome here... Three working driers for five laundromats, and the driers take double the length of time to actually dry something than it takes the laundromats to wash. So you end up in the laundry room with a lot of wet clothes, waiting half an hour or more until you can stuff it into one of the driers... And then you need to check back every twenty minutes to see if your clothes are dry (which they usually aren't). And it all costs €4.30. As a result, I don't do my laundry as often as I should...

Now, wasn't that interesting?


Back to work.

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December 22nd, 2004

07:58 pm
Day X -2

Today, I did the remainder of Christmas shopping (yeah, yeah.. it's late!), including some presents for myself (hey, I'm ludicrously non-broke this month... I need to celebrate that!)... Among other things I just had to buy the Nightmare Before Christmas anti-stress ball. Which is basically Jack's head, to squeeze. I might have mentioned this before, but they have some really cool stuff at that comics store in VdE! And some really kooky stuff too. Yellow Submarine action figures? They don't beat the Albert Einstein action figure we saw in Gent, but hey...

Also, I bought a set of 10 figurines from Mickey's Christmas Carol. It was the first commercial video tape I ever saw and watched. When my dad put it in the shopping cart, I thought it was a book at first. Ain't that cute? Needless to say, that featurette is hopelessly woven into my childhood Christmas memories, and for me it'll always be the definite adaption of the story (sorry, Joris... I don't want to discredit your play).

Then, I finished the Special Edition of Steambot 45. Creating the final QuickTime file almost took longer than making the actual changes, thanks to Premiere's constant crashing. It'll be online soon, I reckon. If I have my way, it'll go up with a complete mini-site surrounding it.

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November 3rd, 2004

09:14 pm
I spent the last two and a half days in Gent, visiting Joris... pictures to follow!

On my way back, being in Marne la Vallee and having some things to take care of in the resort, I figured I'd combine it with a quick visit to Disneyland Park. And let me tell you, it was heaven! I had avoided the park like the plague during Halloween season; now Halloween and its disastrous pumpkin-men have disappeared with hardly a trace, while the way nicer and less intrusive Christmas decorations have started to pop up. I'm definitely going to spend much of my next days off in the park(s). Provided they don't manage to ruin it again within the next few days. After all, it's still two more days till the official start of Christmas season and there's so much that could go wrong....

In the meantime, some more positivity though (we may all need it right now):

(Hmm, it seems that the Christmas elves have decapitated the pumpkin men, painted their heads white and made them into party hats... sweet, sweet retribution!)

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August 20th, 2004

09:22 pm
Hmph. Things aren't looking good. 58 applications for 17 permanent contracts in attractions.... park-wide! A colleague got her confirmation today. Did I mention that there are only 17, i.e. seventeen, places available park-wide?!

Nope, definitely not good.

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August 8th, 2004

09:33 pm
Memo to me: even if Auchan is, as I was informed, "snobbish," make sure to check the best before date before you buy, and especially consume their products.

And just to make this perfectly clear, 14 June 2004 is NOT a date that says "drink me."

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July 28th, 2004

07:58 pm - Life, the universe and a harmonica
I'm back in Germany for a few days, today I spent a few hours in downtown Cologne. While there, I was awfully tempted to buy this harmonica:

...but seeing that it didn't sound half as original as it looked, the steep price didn't seem worth it. Oh well.


Then I contemplated on the development of my drawing skills... Some time ago already I made out the two different ways I draw in, though only now I realized how they developed in different ways and at different times, and how they actually coexist instead of being successive.

The older one is what I call the "deridative way". I drew almost exclusively that way from age 6 till 16, and by now I can do this on auto-pilot. Essentially, the deridative way of drawing takes its clues from existing artwork and styles. You draw something a certain way because it's simply drawn that way! You don't question it; maybe you add a line here and there, but all in all you don't look around you, you look from page to page. This is okay if you simply want to get an idea across, but you don't develop your own style, you just mix and match others.

The second way, let's call it the "original way," takes its clues from observation. It's developed by looking around you, trying to understand shapes and construction, then getting it to paper as closely as possible. From that point, once understanding and mastering life drawing, you can distort it -- add your own style to it -- with the such-learnt principles in the back of your head.

I'm still working on this second way; I started with objects and plants, after a few years went over to humans and animals, at the moment I seem to focus on composition. I noticed that once I master something for about 75%, I let the rest develop in the background while moving on to the next point. After composition, I may finally get down to putting meaning or wit into my drawings.

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